Yoga, Mindfulness, and Wellness for Healthcare Providers

Yoga & Mindfulness

for Healthcare Providers

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By combining physical yoga practice with mindfulness exercises, self-inquiry, and self care practices designed specifically for healthcare providers, The Balanced Dose offers a practice that provides you with tools to find balance, sustain well-being, elevate your inspiration, and thrive in a life working in medicine.



Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.

- Rumi



Create Balance

Yoga is an ancient science rooted in the idea of uniting together our mind, body, and soul into alignment to live out our purpose. A steady yoga practice can provide strength to suture together our work and life into balance. The Balanced Dose offers private yoga sessions, one on one coaching and mentorship, and larger community events with this goal in mind.



Sthira & Sukha

Steadiness & Ease